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Tower Bridge: 125 Years of London’s Defining Landmark

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Role: Video Designer.

Being part of the celebration of 125 Years of Tower Bridge was an honor. For this project, we put on a site-specific light and sound installation in the depth of the Bascule Chamber beneath Tower Bridge. The show highlighted the bespoke space, not usually open to the public, and the story behind not only the bridge itself but the men and women who work behind the scenes of making this incredible London landmark.

Creative Director Dan Shorten

Sound Designer Tom Downing

Production Sound Engineer Ben Hagle

Production Manager Jon Hare

Assistant Production Manager Dan Barnicott

Technical Supervisor Richard Moores

Assistant Technical Supervisor Nina Thoene

Film Maker: Emily Davis

Video Designer: Fergus Kerr

Video Designer: Charlie Vince-Crowhurst

Video Designer: Nick Wong

Video Designer: Nina Thoene

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